“Baltais Suns” (white dog) is an organization with public good’s status, formed in 2012 and engaged in training guide dogs for the blind and visually impaired people.

We organize awareness campaigns to raise the level of public knowledge and promote understanding. Our handlers train the next companions for blind people, as well as resocialize and teach dogs in animal shelters.

If you live abroad, the best way to help us is to donate funds through a bank or PayPal.

Baltais Suns Biedrība
Registration # 40008189023
Account # LV14HABA0551033456617

In you live in Latvia, you can call to our CHARITY PHONE # 90006683 (1.42€ per call) – or use all abovementioned methods. There’s also a list of our donation boxes.

And remember – you can always contact us, and we will for sure find new ways to cooperate!